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For Your New Home

Investing in IntegraSeal closed-cell foam insulation is an important choice in building a sustainable home. Closed-cell spray foam insulation is one of the most advanced insulating materials available to the construction industry. The foam insulation is spray-applied and forms an air seal that prevents leaks, minimizes noise, and improves building performance. IntegraSeal is the perfect thermal and moisture management system for your new home.

Mold is an increasing concern with its evident health risks in the Gulf Coast Region and other areas with
high levels of rain, fl ooding and/or humidity. Most home buyers assume that mold does not grow on conventional insulation material; this is a fairly true statement. However, it grows on the organic Thermostatdebris that becomes trapped in these products. There are four critical requirements for mold growth – available mold spores, available mold
food, appropriate temperatures and “considerable” moisture. Of the four basic requirements for mold growth, moisture availability is by far the easiest mold growth requirement to control.

IntegraSeal insulation is an important component in a moisture management system. Air infi ltration and
exfi ltration, within a structure, contributes to approximately 99% of moisture migration. Reducing air movement deters moisture accumulation so that mold growth is less likely to occur. Combined with a proper mechanical ventilation system, closedcell spray foam insulation helps keep the indoor humidity at a level for which the growth of mildew and allergens can be minimized. Reducing moisture and controlling humidity can also add years to the life expectancy of a home.


IntegraSeal closed-cell spray foam insulation provides an exceptional R-value of 6.9 per inch, which results in heating and cooling cost savings. Drafts are virtually eliminated so a more uniform indoor temperature is maintained. IntegraSeal doesn’t settle or sag over time so you’ll enjoy these savings for the life of your home.

Take an active role in the construction of your home by requesting IntegraSeal closed-cell spray foam to insulate your most valuable asset. Contact Foam Factor today to learn how to request IntegraSeal through your builder or for a list of recommended spray foam insulation contractors in your area.

For Residential Builders

Increasing energy prices, expanding focus on environmental performance and more demanding building codes, especially where air barriers are mandated, have turned a spotlight on the contributions of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation.

IntegraSeal is a product of the IntegraFoam Spray Foam Insulation Systems™ that adds sustainability, durability, energy efficiency and improved occupant comfort to residential construction projects. IntegraSeal spray foam insulation material has a low life cycle cost, minimal environmental impact and design flexibility. IntegraSeal can be sprayapplied to walls, ceilings, fl oors, foundations, piping, unvented attics and crawl spaces. IntegraSeal offers an R-value of 6.9 per inch and is an ideal thermal and moisture management system that seals the building envelope for optimal insulation value.

IntegraSeal closed-cell insulation is easily installed by professional spray foam contractors. Closed-cell foam insulation is a cost-effective method to adopt a sustainable building approach and reduce energy consumption. With sustainable building entering the mainstream, home buyers are searching for innovative materials that add value to their home investment.

HVAC Equipment Downsizing: Installing IntegraSeal
to the roof underside creates a semi-conditioned
space for air handling units and ductwork to operate
more effi ciently. Tightening the building envelope
allows for HVAC equipment downsizing. Flexibility in Framing: High R-value allows for stud and rafter size reduction to increase living space. Simple Installation: Eliminates steps for air barrier and vapor barrier installation where permitted by code. Skilled Contractors: May improve construction
project productivity and lower material costs.

Contact your IDI Representative for a list of recommended spray foam contractors, building specifi cations, or additional product information.

“During a design racking event like a hurricane, there would be less permanent deformation of wall elements
and possibly less damage to a structure that was braced with SPF filled walls.”

Average Maximum Racking Load (structural resistance to wind
supported by 16” On-Center Spruce-Pine-Fir 2 x 4 Stud Framing)

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